Buying A Home is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac!!!

Paging single men and women out there who want a date. CNN just released today a survey stating that women prefer to date men who own a home versus men who rent. And men feel the same way. 

“In a survey of 1,000 single people, more than a third of women and 18% of men said they would much rather date a homeowner than a renter.” This survey was conducted by Harris Interactive for real estate site Trulia. 

It is also interesting but not surprising to know that “both sexes also clearly prefer it when there’s no roommate in the picture; 62% of survey respondents, men and women, prefer to date singles who live alone.”

Ergo, if you are single and looking for a serious date, buy a home soon!!! It may not be in time for this year’s Valentine. There will always be next year. Give yourself an EDGE against competitors.