Adieu Without Further Ado

Are we hungry for prospective clients that we forget to screen them ending us up with our precious time flushed down the drain?

Unfortunately, we don’t really get the core of their motivation until they make a ridiculous offer. 

After working with my clients via e-mail and telephone for almost eight months on sporadic basis, I was ecstatic to hear on the other line the excitement on their tone.  The couple delightfully announced that this property might just be the perfect home for them.

I checked quickly online with extreme curiousity the property which triggered their attention. They have been scouting for houses on their own since they have been indecisive as to their wants and needs. They jumped from a residential to a condo. Or from the towns in the Northeast and down to the Southeast.

My excitement was compounded because the house was set on a lake community that I am very familiar with. Not only that. It was very rare to find a property in this area with almost an acre of land. 

The house was as delectable as a chocolate fudge. It was deliciously adorable. I could not be more descriptive here as that was my personal opinion. 

Anyway, my buyers seemed impressed as well. Were they so impressed to taunt them into making an offer?

Oh yes. They did make an offer. But I almost shrieked in disbelief after my auditory senses processed the number they thought the property was worth despite words of advice and sheets of information to guide them with their decision.

This property was a unique one. A RARE find. Hence, I have to pull out sales from neighboring lake communities for comparison. Even a seasonal home would not come closer to the amount they would like to offer for this year-round home. And for the price it was listed for, I was quite sure it would not last long.

Sixty percent below the asking price for a property that was like a gem. Rare and precious being a year-round home in a lake community with approximately an acre of flat level land. It was a home that would only require new roof in perhaps a year or so and a touch of paint in the fascia. The interior was all updated. These were the obvious.

After listening to the rationale behind the offer price, I would not want to hear anymore. 

It is time for Adieu without further Ado. The price of oil is still pegged at $4 per gallon and dogs treats and food are not cheap.  I work hard for my buyers to ensure that they find the right home.

But I have already learned my lesson. I set a demarcation line as to whom I should relentlessly focus my attention to and for whom I should continually exert due diligence. These are  buyers who have realistic expectations of the market trend and who trust me as their realtor. 

And by the way, the subject property has a pending contract as I am writing this. 


Nuance and Nuisance. Words and Sentences to Avoid

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

According to Jean Piaget, through assimilation, we take in new information or experiences and incorporate them into our existing ideas. We learn new things everyday and it is up to us to digest and utilize them to our advantage or to advance.

Today, I had the chance to meet finally in person an amiable individual who has been in the mortgage industry for more than thirty years. Indubitably, he has seen the boon and bane in the real estate business. Exchanging business ideas and spur of the moment topics with this individual likened a conversation one would only engage in with familiar faces and close friends.

Suddenly, I found a mentor who bequeathed me the RED FLAGS I should be wary of in conversing with people—especially with prospective clients

Nuance and Nuisance Words and Sentences:

TRY –  I can’t agree more. If I were your client and if you tell me that you will “Try” to find me the right home, the tinge of uncertainty oozes like a red     corpuscle from a tiny scratch. This word becomes a big RED FLAG to the client. Rather than saying “I will TRY,” assert reassurance by saying “I        WILL find you the right home.

To be honest with you – I could not remember how many times I uttered these sentences during the course of our conversation. And as soon as i       finished blurting them out, he opened his palm to signify stop signal. Consciously, after several sentences mishaps, I got the message. These           words, albeit innocuous connotation, do not convey truthfulness and honesty. I could argue about it because I was speaking from my heart and       with transparency. However, I am not conversing with myself. I am communicating with another person or other people. Therefore, what I think           does not matter. “Watch your thoughts, they become your words.” In this case, the words we say may trigger negative thoughts to others.

You know what I mean? –  Do I look like an imbecile not to know what you mean? You don’t need to repeat these words several times                             emphatically. I get it, okay?

You know something?   – Not only do I know something. I know other things. Do I have to say more?


Most of the time, we speak without thinking. There are times when we can spit out either venom-like or music-to-my-ears words. 

So think first before you speak. Don’t forget that our character is resonated by the words we choose to say.

To Joe–not the Plumber–thank you for the first two RED FLAGS you pointed out. The last two are my pet peeves.