After the Tempest, the Nature Will Continue to Run its Course

Pray, Wait and See are most humans natural actions/reactions while awaiting for the natural calamity to lash its fury upon us.
After a while, it’s back to normalcy and life moves on. 
Just like nature, human is such a complex subject. This complexity explains why getting along with everybody becomes an impossible task or undertaking.
But because we are in the sales business, embracing both the significant and the underling is a primordial requisite to keep buoyant lest be drowned by your lack of resilience and sensitivity.
  • Doppler Effect of Communication: There is always a distortion between what a speaker says and what a listener wants it to be. The speaker here can be you, the realtor, and the listener would be your seller. No matter how clearly you talk about your facts pertinent to the market conditions in pricing the house strategically for competitive advantage, your seller could not agree with you because his auditory sense refuses to listen or his ears interpret what you say differently. This happens all the time when seller’s perception is very subjective as to the value of his home.

Your number is not the kind of music he wants to hear. Try a different technique or system. Perhaps, he is more of a visual person. Use a graph, chart or a video to capture his attention.

You may encounter the same dilemma in dealing with the buyers. The buyer’s opinion of the price is very subjective too especially in a market condition conducive to his advantage. If he loses many opportunities because of low-ball offers, stock cards showing all the properties he made an offer on and the number of times he lost should give him a better picture.

  • The Centrifugal Force of Arguments: The farther you move from the core of the problem, the faster the situation spins out of control. Realtors are negotiators. Some show flair for drama. While others display rigidness by sticking with their guns. Before our emotions muffle the issue, we should attack the situation by revisiting the problem and exhausting the options on how both parties we are representing can reach an amicable agreement. Let us put our ego away in trying to prove who is the best or better negotiator and tuck it somewhere else. Pick the ego up later on and put it to use on your other endeavors.

  • The Law of Relative Gravity: Lighten Up. A problem is only as heavy as you let it be. My blog Real Estate is not for the Faint of Heart is soused with personal real estate mire, predicament and mess. After years and years in the business, I have learned to use wipes to sensitize unwanted dirt in my judgement, glasses for a clearer vision, an anchor for a steady footing, and a delicious strawberry shake as a treat for a wonderful day. Albeit the trying and challenging times, real estate is still our business. The business we choose to keep. Be steadfast, not weak. Have passion, not obsession. Commit to patience, not temperamence.

May this quote lift your day up. I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” ― Dr. Seuss


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