Professional Look Under Fire

Not until my client bluntly criticized the outfit of another agent  that I started being conscious about my own clothing style especially under a scorching heat of the sun. “Hah. that should not be the way professionals should carry themselves,” were her exact words. 

My client, who could have primmed and preened for an hour, had the chance of meeting the other agent for the final walk through of her buyer-client thirty minutes before the closing. Clad in neat beige blouse matched with a darker-hued ladies’ pants, prim and proper as always, the seller greeted me at the door after I removed my lockbox and yard signs. She and her friend were picking up the remainder of the personal belongings in preparation for the transition. 

Both of them engaged me in a conversation. The topic: the buyer’s agent’s tank top and shorts. Bewildered, they asked me if there are other realtors who dressed the way she did on occasions as important as the closing. 

Although it was a blistering day, they found no excuse for the unbecoming outfit. Unfit for professionals.

I was relieved knowing that I always wear blazer or suit during closings.

Do professionals like us need sartorial overhaul to look professional in our daily dealings with existing and prospective clients? After that day, I scrutinized my wardrobe and retrospected the manner I dress up or down in the past especially when it comes to meeting clients.

Should there be do’s and don’ts guidelines to maintain the professional image? 

Most likely, we strive to make an impression in our initial appointments with our prospective clients. This is a critical moment where we try to look our best. Honestly, can you win or gain the prospects trust and confidence if you show up sans business suit? Will you be taken seriously if you appear in casual outfit?

Unless a rapport and an established relationship have been built between you and the clients, a casual outfit after countless showings may be acceptable. Despite the term casual, we still have to keep the professional image intact.

The heat of the sun hovering over us at its highest temperature should not taunt us to wear tank top and shorts especially at a closing table where we meet other professionals like the closing attorneys and all the parties involved. 

I may not have a wide array of blazers and suits. Luckily, I keep an assortment of light and dark-colored blazers to go with the varying seasons. I must admit,  I do wear jeans or cropped pants with my blazer or blouse. And I do struggle sometimes on what to wear on different circumstances and occasions. 

Nonetheless, I try to dress properly. We are professionals no matter what the temperature is.

Tell me, how do you maintain your professional look on days when profused sweat is inevitable under extreme temperature? 


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